Inventory Time!

I am getting very nervous about the market, only 10 days away! So over the weekend, I put the muscle to the hustle. I unpacked my bath bomb making tools and laid them out on the kitchen counter late last week to entice myself to get to work on inventory. There is something to be said about the clutter in plain sight to motivate an OCD person. I also packed out some cute containers to the garden table and arranged the potting soil and plants to be transplanted so that any time I was in the garden I was drawn to the table to complete the task at hand.

I was able to make a few succulent containers out of a bee themed teacup set and also have an old cast iron tea kettle that leaked in use so I am repurposing it into a succulent planter as well to sell at the farmers market. Hopefully, someone out there loves teal as much as I do! potting table

The plant starts that I plan to sell at the market are also doing rather well and should be established well enough to recoup some of my expenses from seeds and soil this year. Maybe in the future, I will be able to have enough rabbit manure to not have to buy bagged soil anymore and possibly even sell that too! Time will tell.

I then measured all my yarn skeins to make sure I knew exactly what to charge and labeled each one with jute string and letter tags. I love how the basket looks with those plush zig-zagging strands within. I have 4 more ounces of fiber that I need to spin up and I should be set on the yarn side of things until the rabbits are ready to have their wool harvested again. Luckily, my new litters will also be coming up on fiber harvest around the same time as their moms so I should be able to get a decent late summer inventory.Yarn basket

Now, to clean up the mess on my kitchen counter! I began making bath salts and bath bombs. I made an absolute mess of the kitchen yet my house smelled sweet and clean! I blended a relaxing set of bath salts for sore muscles. Next, I found a container and spoon which completed a gift set for the bath salts. Then I made roughly twenty bath bombs in a citrus twist scent with dried orange peel shavings and a hint of rosemary and left them to harden prior to packaging them up in muffin papers and plastic bags. Forming bath bombs is one of my least favorite tasks so I am glad it is done with for now! Although my hands did come out silky soft after all of that mixing and forming. Yummy! Bath salts

After the inventory was recorded in my square account I began making a tote for ease of hauling to the market. I keep the table cloth, pens, business cards, and all the inventory together so that set up and tear down are a breeze. Produce on the other hand will need to be prepared just before so that the leafy greens and other fresh items do not become brown or wilt. For the first market, I should have plenty of Rhubarb to sell but other than that and the plant starts it will be a majority of craft items until later in the season when the garden is producing and honey has been extracted and bottled. Rhubarb

Do you visit your local markets? What have you found you purchase the most while at the farmers market? If you are ever in the Lake Chelan area I encourage you to drop in on our Thursday night markets!


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  1. Our market in Astoria is sadly not a farmer’s market but more of a miniature version of Portland Saturday Market with only two or three food/ produce vendors which sucks! It’s more for cruise ship and other tourists. That was one of the reasons we considered having more hives because there’s not one person selling local honey here…!


    1. Oh wow! Our market requires more farmers than other craft venders so it stays true to a farmers market 🙂


      1. I know it was so weird to move out here and not be able to get any fresh produce beyond the one guy who sells a few tomatoes! Fortunately this year we have a garden but still!!


  2. PS good luck on your selling!


  3. plumdirt says:

    We visited our markets more before having children. Hopefully we’ll make it out again more often now that they’re a little older. I like them for showing me what’s in season to make notes to sow myself next year. We’d usually buy produce, meats, and some tamales.


    1. Very nice! I hope you can make it back soon 😊


  4. Awesome Post! Keep it up….


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