More woodworking projects

Over the weekend Luke and I started expanding the bee yard with some more hive stands in preparation for our 25 queens we ordered. Once the queens arrive we will be splitting our current 11 hives. So we wanted to be ahead of the game and have the stands already out of the way.

We purchased some pressure treated 4X6 and used round posts that I had collected from a friend who was moving. We positioned these stands up the hill from our established hives mostly for aesthetics but also because of the trees in the area that will give the hives protection from to much sun in the summer and harsh winds in the winter. Another bee stand

Another project I started to tackle a third rabbit hutch. I think I might make this one a double-decker as I have several litters that I want to keep rabbits from. I was thinking two cages on the second level and four on the bottom like the others. I just need to finalize my game plan for manure catches and then construct the second level. Once the frame is completed I can cover it in hardware cloth and build their nest boxes. This rabbit mansion will have a single slanted roof for easier snow removal in the winter. Hopefully, I complete this project in time to wean the kits! Luckily they have already started eating pellets, drinking from water bottles and even nibbling on treats I give their mothers. I can tell the moms are about ready to kick them out on their own. Another hutch in progress

I will keep you posted on the rabbit hutch progress. Do you think I should do a second level or just make it like the rest? I am still debating with myself on how to proceed and would love your input!


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