Blooms Bleating Sibilation

Woah! Can you say “Boom of a bloom!” The wild flowers are coming up in shades of yellow, pink, robins egg blue and white absolutely, everywhere. No wonder why the bees have been having a frenzy as the queens work to build the colonies large enough to take advantage of this nectar and pollen flow. Even though, April showers were a dud; May flowers are not disappointing.

I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s summer and fall blooms as I worked tirelessly planting African Daisy’s, coneflower, anemone, bee balm, large varieties of iris and sneezeweed last fall. I added some hollyhock, chamomile and sunflower seeds this spring as well. Bring me the honey!

This post was not only created to create petal envy but to more so set the line up for a Mother’s Day bouquet surprise! I spent most of my afternoon watering my grounds thoroughly and hand selected the most alluring flowers for my mom, it took me almost an hour to collect the bundle and another twenty minutes to trim and arrange the somewhat disjointed grouping at first glance. I’m pretty impressed with how the arrangement came out and am happy to report my mom completely adored them. Personally, I prefer my flowers living but I know with her landscape it’s not always an easy task to accommodate and who doesn’t love a fresh cut bouquet on the kitchen counter or dining room table?!

Above is the completed bouquet doing a little twirl for you! Happy Mother’s Day to all!

How did you celebrate your mom this year? Do you have a flower cutting garden? What’s your go-to bouquet filler? If you don’t have a cutting garden yet, what’s stopping you? Spill it, folks!


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  1. D'Arcy Burke says:

    You did a GREAT job on the Mothers Day flower arrangement. What big smiles it has brought me.
    Love always


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