Feeling the Green Thumb

Last weeks post was all about Winter Fest fun but yet I am still feeling so blue about not being outside in the dirt and becoming one with my garden!

So here I am making the best of the inside green house I have going on. These pumpkins are getting quite large. And the parsley, chili pepper, and basil have all starting to get their true leaves. (Did you know the first two leaves that sprout are just the feeders that provide for the seed until it can supply its own nutrients through sunlight, soil and water? Remarkable really.) Soon we will find out if I truly am getting a green thumb.

The Brussels sprouts gently rising.

The artichokes and brussels sprouts have germinated and are doing quite well. I removed the netting from the peat pellets they were started in and moved them individually into deeper pots. It will be interesting to see if they make the transition to the garden. As I mentioned in a previous post artichokes have a tap root system and do not typically handle transplanting well. I saved half of the artichoke seeds as a back up so if my seedlings prove failures I plan to direct sow the rest.

The strawberry, watermelon and beefsteak tomato seeds have yet to make an appearance but I am hopeful. So far my light set up has not failed me so it would likely be more of a temperature or seed failure if anything. From what I have read strawberries are difficult to germinate and take patience so I will give them many weeks before I give up on them. Watermelon can prove finicky with temperature also so we will see if anything come of the three seeds I planted. Like the artichoke, I saved seeds just in case to direct sow if necessary. Tomatoes on the other hand are easy and I should see them popping up within the next few days.

sweet potatoAnother fairly easy garden trick I am trying is a sweet potato submerged in water. So far the roots are taking off well and I hope to see sprouts growing off the tuber soon. Once the starts are large enough I will transplant them into their own pots for a delightful bounty of starchy goodness.  There is something to be said about a grass fed burger with a side of sweet potato fries. My mouth waters at the thought.

When the weather improves and a majority of the snow melts I will be able to put cold frames in the garden. I plan to make simple frames with a glass top using some of the recycled materials I was given. I would put the frames in the garden now if it weren’t for the fact that the snow is to deep to make it up the road to the house.

Come spring it will be very important to harden off the starts prior to planting in the garden otherwise all this work and preparation will be for nothing. Hardening off slowly over a weeks time will ensure the plants are not shocked by the intensity of natural sun light, real world temperature fluctuations and wind. I look forward to this continued garden journey. It really is a science and very enjoyable during this foul weathered time!

Check back in with me next week as I share about trying to make it back up to the property through all the snow the last couple of weeks. Wish me luck!


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