Holiday Bustling

October was practically non-existent, November snuck right by and here we are in December. It feels unreal when I start to think about how quickly time goes by. Each day of routine blends into the next. At least I have a warm house with amazing views to watch the world go by.

The woodpile is going strong and we have already had several snowy days that have allowed me to practice using the new snowplow. The roads are icy in the mornings so I slowly chug down the mountain in second gear simply enjoying the scenery and my morning commute. The cold brings with it a multitude of chores like breaking the ice in water troughs and thawing water bottles for all the smaller animals twice-daily. Luckily the tire insulated water tub has helped in prolonging the period the goats have water available to them. I really need to invest in an old livestock propane heater though. They are expensive but I know it would save me time and hassle. Maybe one day I can invest in a bigger solar system and everyone will have heated waters or better yet a heated barn for everyone to snuggle up in! Don’t judge me, I can dream a little! While we are dreaming lets put into the world vibes about winning the lottery too, eh?!?!

With Thanksgiving over and the rest of the holidays in full swing, holiday craft bazaars have been keeping me very busy. I have created more wax products like foot balm, deodorant, lip balm, more colors of beeswax wraps, and a few candles. I also did several fiber ornaments, dryer balls, and even a felted flower wreath. Now to find time to warp up the loom and weave a bit more too. I haven’t had much downtime with the shorter days, the generator keeps the lights on as the solar panels don’t charge very much during this time of year. So after the daylight ends for the day I have the loud hum of the engine ruining my peace and craft vibe. I somehow get things done though, it must be the warm glow of the fire that keeps me from ripping my hair out.


Looking back I am impressed with everything that came together this year. Luke and I have a goal to build a rather large greenhouse with a pond next year! I look forward to all the little projects as well. We continue to improve the property, build up our bee business and work toward a more fully sufficient life. It is so fun to look back and see how far the homestead has come. And I will never forget the original days when everything was done with headlamps and heating water over the stove for showers was just a normal every morning routine.75196360_10162431680815023_5757638616473927680_n


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  1. Pam says:

    I’m interested in buying your wool dryer balls, but I’m not finding that option on your website.
    Could you please help me with this?
    Thank you!


    1. Hi Pam! If you go to the options tab with the dryer balls you’ll need to select either colored swirl or white to add to your cart. Please let me know if you have further issues and I can send an invoice via PayPal to your email. Or feel free to email me at


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