Affordable DIY Solar Stand

Going at least somewhat solar has been the goal since day one of purchasing the homestead. I will admit however, I was unbelievably intimidated and kind of dragging my feet on the whole ordeal. I am by no means an electrician and electricity has always had my utmost respect. Luckily Luke is very familiar with 12 volt batteries and I bought a fairly self explanatory solar kit online several months ago. The only things I was missing was a big roll of black and red 8 gauge wire and a stand for the solar panels.

Luke and I were able to build a stand completely from materials found around the homestead. I try not to be a hoarder and keep the homestead clean but every now and then I bring home a pile or unused lumber, odds and ends. Other than the lumber I had screws from previous rabbit hutch projects. This stand was completely free! I sure do love saving a buck. *points to self* Cheap skate, yes sir! – no shame.

Finished solar

Eventually the center of the solar panel frame will be fitted with a lag bolt to make the panels adjustable. But since we are approaching winter the panels have been set to a 45 degree angle for maximum sun exposure. The panels are hooked in line with a negative and positive 8 gauge wire that then leads to a charge controller mounted above my battery bank. The battery bank is then also attached to the charge controller and then on to an inverter which runs my wireless internet and a few outlets for charging my electronic devices. VaVoom!

Do you use alternative power and if so what system do you have?


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  1. Hmmm… this is an idea for our front yard since our roof is too shaded for solar.


    1. I had a professional retired solar installer come out and identify where on my property receives the most sunlight year round. This was the second best position but was the closest to the house. The tool he used to identify the maximum light from the sun was pretty neat, expensive but worth it if you can find someone to help you!

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      1. Okay, that’s a great suggestion. May need to look into this myself.


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