Additional Fiber Arts

All things soft, fluffy, and warm are in route to this homestead! My Ashford Rigid Heddle arrived over a week ago and I quickly assembled and warped it up with a merino blend. I dismantled a partially completed crotched scarf of handspun angora yarn that was to be a gift for my aunt. In a comfortable chair weaving became quick work as I watched the sun set out my large window.

Angora scarf in route

This is the homestead life. Every day I watch something new grow and blossom. I add the soft double ply angora weft for right to left, moving my reed up and down in between passes. This gentle steady motion grounds me and I can’t help but smile watching the garment come together.

Angora done

The soft handspun angora is such a fun fiber to work with, it definately made the task quick work. I really need to get myself spinning more, I don’t have quite as much fun with machine made yarns. As soon as this piece was off the loom I immediately set to work on another project with pretty blues and thick black and speckled wool.

scarf 2 making

This little number was sold as soon as it left the loom and ends were tied. Time to get back to the spinning wheel to work up some more “sticky gorgeous” yarn!

What items are you currently making? Is your medium paint, fiber or something else?


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