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August came in with a wave of heat. There is sweat on every bit of me as I work the land and do the everyday chores, yuck. That wasn’t me complaining, I promise! The goats are as happy as can be, just look at that smile on Reddington’s face. Yes, this heat has its benefits. The firm green tomatoes will soon transition for picking. Zucchini is coming in by the armloads and all the apricots have tree-ripened and been sold at market. What a whirlwind!

This is the season to harvest.

I am always preaching about reaping what you sow. Living a life of intention is what this homestead is all about. The garden is not the only harvest I have been reaping, the vacation rental and online business have also taken off. The cabin and campsite on the property have booked every weekend since April. And, I am finally starting to see a harvest from this online blog, three years in the making.

Homestead with a View was selected as #73 in the Top 100 Homestead Blogs to follow in 2019.

How cool is that?

Then another blessing appeared when I was asked to write a Homesteading article for a local magazine.


Talk about blessings raining down.

These events feel very surreal. I reminisce on years prior when I was sitting in a bedroom I rented, browsing the far reaches of the web for ideas on how to work from home, start your own business and live off-grid. I followed other homesteading blogs and youtube channels to learn all that I could to be as successful as possible. Those homesteading families chugged along making a big project bite-sized. I was inspired, I had given my buy-in and I became driven. I began with a free website and slowly grew from there incorporating my online vacation booking and storefront. Now, if only I could make money writing and put myself full time on the homestead.

Now that is the dream.

I am asking myself how will I get there, will I put more funding into my social media advertising? Maybe. Or should I create a youtube channel to direct more traffic? That sounds expensive. Would that be a worthwhile investment?

My breathing begins to speed as I think of the big picture. One bite at a time, just like living on an off-grid homestead. The homestead and business foundation are already there. Now to move toward working from home FULL TIME. I can do this. I just know I can do this.

But wait, I want there to be more of a connection than just driving traffic with advertising. Where is the connection with a few dollars here and there to promote a Pin or Post?

Where is the reader’s buy-in?

Have you heard of the six degrees of separation theory? This idea is that everyone in the world is connected to everyone else by six people they know. With modern technology, this theory is now actually just below 4 people.

So, this is where my ask comes in. Will you buy-in to the Homestead with a View’s Feisty Bee Company journey?

Who do you know, that might know someone else, that could either benefit from reading my blog or, in turn, help me to accomplish my dream to work full time on the homestead?

This referral could be simple. Share one of my blog posts on your Facebook. Or maybe you know a friend who has connections to a professional Youtuber, tell that friend about this website. Helping others accomplish their dreams is easy.

Will you help me build this dream into reality?

And in return, how can I help you achieve a bite-sized piece of YOUR 5-year plan?

Reach out at admin@homesteadwithaview.com or comment below.



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  1. My favorite success story was watching Ashley English move from blogger on Small Measures to book publisher and more. She unfortunately doesn’t blog as much as she used to but if you’re not already familiar with her that’s one good source of inspiration. I always liked how her formatting was never blatantly ad-driven and sponsored posts remained relevant…my best advice from a reader standpoint would be to make sure that your mobile format is as inviting as your desktop format as many of us blog on a desktop but forget that many are reading on their phones (I’m currently writing this comment on mine!) 🙂

    Best of luck!


    1. Thank you! That is great advice and I will have to look Ashley up. I luckily use several devices so feel fairly confident in how the site reads over different interfaces. Since I am fully off-grid I have to use my cell more often than I would like for things like this. HA! I really do appreciate your tips and thoughts. Keep them coming!


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