A Woman and her Spinning Wheel

Luke found me a secondary spinning wheel at a huge deal back in January, it was missing some small parts but overall it was still in working order. After much TLC; Luke refinished the wood, put some rust kill on all the metal components, oiled her up and added a new tension band and break. Once I ordered a new tension knob I was able to test the baby out. Boy was I impressed!

This wheel spins a little bit easier than my other Ashford traditional and still needs a new pedal but overall I LOVE IT! I was able to sit down and spin the most yarn I have ever spun in one sitting to date. I hope to be able to start teaching others how to spin since I have another wheel at my disposal. I am giddy with anticipation thinking about the farmer’s markets quickly approaching and building up my store inventory. yarn ball

The craft of spinning hand made yarn has me feeling very accomplished and fulfilled. And I won’t lie the view helps too! Maybe when the spring winds die down I will be able to spin out in the pasture looking over this view, because how awesome would that be?!View

So far I only have a few skeins of yarn but am getting so excited for the opportunity to share my craft and soft yarns with people at the farmers market. Who wouldn’t want to have some of this made into a scarf or pair of mittens? I might even dabble in felted slippers once I have enough yarn made up. How cool would that be? yarns

Eventually, I will have to treat myself with a brand new wheel but so far these two traditional Ashfords are suiting me just fine!


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  1. plumdirt says:

    Oh, I just want to feel that! Lucky you!


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