Earth Day

I took a personal day off work to focus on a few projects for Earth day. I am happy to report I was able to complete all the tasks on my list as well as enjoy the day by taking the dogs and goats out for a lovely walk on the hillside to capture some breathtaking images of this amazing place I call home. Goat walks

The wildflowers are finally starting to bloom at my higher altitude and I took this as the perfect opportunity to snap a few awesome photos of the kids. They were happily bouncing over the bushes and flower clusters munching on this and that while the dogs ran and played together nearby. Moments like this really revive my soul and make me grasp how truly blessed I am.

But before this relaxing walk with all my dog like critters I had to work all morning in the garden. I have been telling myself to get into gear and build some raised beds for a little over a year now and I finally sat down with Luke to decide how it needed to be done so that the moles would not demolish my garden again.

After looking around the property at the material piles we decided to use some tongue and groove my mom and I had stained a beautiful teal. The tongue and groove were originally going to be an accent wall in my bedroom but I quickly realized it would make my room feel even smaller than it already is if I had such a bold wall like that. So now I am putting it to good use and keeping my expenses down!

Luke showed me how to build these beds with the teal boards, some short 2X4 and hardware cloth. I would have to finish the garden on my own though as he was only visiting for the weekend. The hardware cloth will prevent the moles from eating my plants from the roots up and the hope is that the cinder block ledge will make it easier on my body to sit by the beds and weed or harvest my produce. I am loving so far how these two beds turned out and can not wait to finalize the entire garden with these. planter

The larger bed I planted marigold all the way around it and this shorter bed I will accent the perimeter with the grape Hyacinth you see to the right. Inside the bed, I used mostly rabbit manure and then topped it off with two bags of garden soil. These beds cost me about $10 every 6 feet as the wood and rabbit manure was already on site and I just had to buy the hardware cloth and a small amount of garden soil to supplement the beds. I have already planted up the completed beds and also started more seeds in pots to get a jump on the other beds planting before they are finished. This year I am speaking in you reap what you sow!

Now, who is ready for some delicious garden goodies? I know I am! And I am also ready to bring the bounty to the farmers market which is quickly approaching. EEK!

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  1. I am SO ready for spring!


    1. It’s been so nice watching the daffodils pop up! We had a brief moment of hail yesterday though! So crazy!

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