Farmers Market Season Approaches

I have less than a month before the market season kicks off and I am less than prepared. The hope is to be able to sell my homestead wears like yarn, honey, bath bombs, produce and herbs but so far my garden starts are less than an inch tall, I have only a handful of skeins of yarn and currently no honey. Luckily, one of the items I can turn out in a weekend is the bath bombs. Phew!

I have been able to order shirts for the market, a table cloth as well as business cards! The last two items of business; labels for our honey and an iPad for purchases. Longtime friend Amber has a knack for design. She created our logo and churned out the business cards you see below. They will have a foil effect that will make the honeycomb pattern in gold stand out, I can not wait to see them in person! She is so good at making my visions reality!

Business cards

I have been very blessed by my talented friends who have helped me with logo design as well as filling my last minute orders. Megan is very good at personalized orders, is local and so easy to work with. She has helped me with shirts, a table cloth for market as well as my welcome mats and is working on completing a cute “Do not feed the goats!” sign for when guests stay at the homestead. I love that I do not have to go online and work with strangers who could care less about my small business needs.

Stack of shirts

Are you able to support your local small businesses? Have you found a support system that works for you and your small business? I am overfilled with gratitude toward my friends and am so happy to support them in the small way that I can as they strive to work from home like I someday hope to do as well.


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