Goat Lean-to

Luke and I were able to create a lean-to for the goats in record time! Though it was a rainy weekend the clouds seemed to break just for us to have enough time to create this project. 1.jpg

We rummaged through all of my material piles in various locations on the property to find two 8 feet poles for the support. We buried the main posts two feet deep to make the roof height 6 feet at the shortest location (Luke was adamant he didn’t want to knock his head if he ever had to do any kind of goat care). Across the face of the shelter is a 10 foot 2X6 to secure the structure frame. Then we placed an 8 foot long 2X6 along the shed for the roof stabilizer.  The lean-to is 4 feet deep so gives the goats plenty of space to grow into and can comfortably fit five full-grown goats.2

Next, we cut down the eaves to size and at an angel on the shed side. We used hurricane clips to keep the roof 2X4’s in place. Then we began to form the wall braces that the metal siding would be nailed to. The wood is covered in a little bit of mold and concrete residue but it was free and since all the materials were found on the property from previous material pickups this shed cost us absolutely nothing but 4 hours out of our Saturday. 3.jpg

After the frame was completed we began with cutting and putting on the roof. This was free roofing I had collected from my prior employer and I knew it would come in handy one day! After cutting it down and nailing it to the 2X4 we then filled any of the old nail holes with silicone to make the shelter stay dry. After the roof was done then the siding needed to be cut and applied. Donnnn.jpg

The siding is a little dirty and needs to be hosed off but all in all, I think this was a great free weekend project! The gate was put up temporarily for now to create an added barrier for the goats’ protection at night. I would like to build a cute gate to match down the road and also install a door on the shed to eventually create a milking location for the goats. All in good time! Done.jpg

The goats seem very pleased with their new home and now I can begin to expand their playground! Bored goats are prone to escaping so I must figure out a way to stimulate them in their paddock. I am so happy to have all the pallets out of their space and a structure that seems to blend in with all my original structures.

Do you keep goats? What kind of playground do you have for your goats? Do you find a certain style of paddock works better than others?


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  1. Love the repurposing!


    1. Thank you! I love the fact it didn’t cost me anything! I am still pinching pennies to complete other tasks around the homestead so anything extra is on hold for the time being.


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