Guest House Prep

Now is the time to prepare for my busy season at the guest house. A deep clean is in order as well as priming the flower beds around the little cabin. I sprinkled the driveway and walking paths with a pre-emergent grass killer just before all the snow began to melt so that this year would be moderately low maintenance. I also pruned back some of the rose bushes, fed my lilacs some wood ash and planted more bulbs. It will be such a beautiful growing season this year after how much I planted last spring and fall. I also splurged a little and helped out a friend with a home business by ordering some doormats from her with our business logo. I am absolutely smitten with how they turned out and hope my future guests will enjoy the extra touch. Door mat

The Spring rains have begun and mud puddles are emerging which means deep cleaning the cabin is a little more effort than normal. Pulling out the generator to vacuum, raking leaves that were left behind last fall (great mulch for my lasagna raised garden beds this year) checking batteries on all the solar lights on the property as well as digging small ditches for excess water runoff. Phew! *deep breath* It will all be worth it when I have happy guests leaving with glowing reviews and returning year after year.

Have you looked into booking a stay at the homestead? We are now offering weekend classes for those interested in staying with us to learn more about bees or spinning fiber. This life is so rewarding and I hope to share it with many more families!

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  1. I love the doormat! Such a cute touch! 😍


    1. Thank you! My friends did a great job, one designed the logo and another made the mat 😍

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