Winthrop hot air balloon festival

In all the years that I lived in New Mexico I never once got the opportunity to go to the hot air balloon festival so two weekends ago I jumped at the chance to see a smaller version here locally. Apparently this has been an annual event for over a decade and I am so glad Luke and I were able to go. It truly was a beautiful day. 2127BB8F-D836-4368-8C55-D6AC59FB6D1E.jpeg

Winthrop, Washington is a quaint little western town located in the mountains on the Eastern side of the state. The theme alone is enough to pull in tourist but then you add the beautiful landscape and outdoor activities and one simply can’t stay away!

Luke and I plan to do a horse camping trip sometime this year up there and I’m absolutely giddy for the chance! I’m glad we took this little excursion for the weekend to check out something new and on my bucket list to boot. Unfortunately because of the time of evening the balloons did not actually take off in flight but it was still an experience to remember and had we taken the initiative we could have seen them fly the next morning, maybe another year. It was a fun day trip I’ll never forget though. 543EA8FF-0B9D-4C8D-BBCD-CC7604A506EA.jpeg

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  1. So fun! I haven’t been to Winthrop in SO long.


    1. I just love the western theme!

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  2. The Homesteaders Wife says:

    We love Winthrop!!! We try to head over the pass at least once a year and spend a weekend there. I would love to see it from a balloon too! So fun. Oh, and the ice cream place right on the main drag….the smell of the waffle cones is irresistible 🤗


    1. Next time you’re in the area you’ll have to pop in for a visit or even better stay at the cabin!


      1. The Homesteaders Wife says:

        Done. I have it bookmarked 😁. That would be so lovely!!


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