Ice dams oh dear!

This winter has been quite unbelievable. It seems like I am truly being tested and also like spring will never arrive. The snow loaf has started to take a toll on the house roof as well as my spirits. I noticed the covered patio was starting to have ice sickles forming on the ceiling which means the snow load has become too much and moisture is working its way straight down instead of sliding off the roof. This is not good. F1FCB093-2229-416B-AADD-92AB3598B7D9.jpeg

So Luke and I tackled it with a snow shovel and flat shovel to get as much of the excess weight off as possible. Luke was ballsy enough to climb up on the roof while I worked at the edges from below. There was still roughly an inch of ice left by the end but we got a majority of the build-up off so if we begin to get rain I won’t have my roof collapsing in on me and the dogs. Phew! So glad Luke was willing to help out as it really was worrisome. 2112A991-8BC3-43A6-829B-93362D13521D.jpegCome spring we will go over the roof with some sort of sealant just as a precaution for future winters. It seems like a majority of the seepage was coming from the vent for the hot water heater and I want to make sure it doesn’t become more of an issue moving forward! Home ownership is a never-ending chore, let me tell ya. Ha!

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  1. Holllly cow. good luck!


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