Scoby Delight!

I am now onto my first big batch of kombucha. For those of you who are unfamiliar, kombucha is a probiotic tea made from healthy yeast and bacteria. It’s similar to having a sour dough starter on stand by. This delicious beverage can be made in endless ways and flavors.

My first batch was started from a store bought bottle which I fed additional “food” and let rest at room temperature with moderate ventilation. This part took patience. I let that baby sit to grow for almost three weeks.


The first four days I thought I for sure hadn’t done it right, I must have not added enough sugar or maybe the tea was still to warm and killed the delicious probiotic goodness within the tea. Then, day five brought hope; I saw some transparent blotches forming on the surface when I shined a light at the glass. Did I make the right kind of bacteria? Is this really going to become a scoby?

Things continued to progress until I had a nice sheet of scoby sitting ontop my delightful beverage. I stuck a plastic spoon under the scoby and snuck a sip. It was kombucha alright, I was ready to brew another batch of tea. I brewed it that night with a black vanilla tea and mixed in the sugar to dissolve completely. I let it cool for a day and a half just to be safe and moved my scoby to a plate so I could pour out the old liquid into a serving bottle which I added bits of lemon and orange wedges to and sealed up to build a bit of carbonation on the counter.

I sanitized the (scoby home) container with boiling hot water prior to reapplying the scoby and fresh brewed tea. When doing this do not use metal utensils and if you choose to do so with your hands make sure to wash with vinegar instead of soap as it can harm the precious yeasts and bacteria in your scoby. I then covered the glass jar with a tea towel fastened succurly by a rubber band. My scoby lives in my pantry where it can sit without being disturbed in a dark room temperature space. So far it seems happy there and I hold my breath waiting to try my next flavor.

It’s so fun to make your own probiotic tea. The flavors are endless. I was even delighted to find out I can make coffee kombucha which is great for this black liquid acid addicted lady!

Are you currently brewing your own kombucha? What’s your go to flavor?


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  1. ruthsoaper says:

    Awesome. I am excited to try this maybe I will start some today. The waiting is going to be tough though. LOL!


    1. The waiting is the worst! But lessons in patience are always so rewarding 🤣

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      1. ruthsoaper says:

        LOL! That sounds like something I would say to my kids. ♥


      2. I’m living a life of lessons in patience 🤣

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  2. D'Arcy says:

    I made my first batch from a Mother bacteria from Germany! It was suppose to be a reliable quality source. You probably know all of this, but, this is what I was taught; always cover the tea batch with a cheese cloth or light weight kitchen towel so nothing contaminates the liquid during its processing phase…where the mother is developing layers- it should not be left in direct sunlight either and a constant room temperature is preferred.
    I hope these tips are useful.


    1. Yep! Mine lives in the pantry with a close tightly held by a rubber band.


  3. Not currently brewing… I gave to after I ignored it for too long and the scoby took up half the jar 🙈


    1. Hahah! You could have divided the scoby 🤣 glad you Gave it a try though!

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      1. You don’t want to know how many times I divided and restarted it before I finally threw in the towel 🙈


  4. Perfect just what I was looking for! .


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