Anti-inflammatory Knock out!

This time of year when the weather is bone-chilling we all get those normal aches and pains, going out of warm buildings into the cold elements. Aches and pains have been a normal part of my boyfriend and I’s lives. It isn’t just seasonal for us and I am sure that you know someone in a similar position or maybe you are like us! We have grown numb to the snaps and crackles of our joints but it is time we had a success story. Copaiba is our success story.

Luke has had knee issues for over the last two years and doctors have been little help in diagnosing what is actually wrong. He was and is hard on his body just like myself. We work hard, we play even harder; riding horses, dirt bikes, quads, and snowboarding are just a few of the things that have worn our bodies out at such a young age. Copaiba is not the only pain relief oil for our household though. Deep blue has been our go to in the evening for aches and pains. I love how fast it goes to work and the smell is similar to icy hot which I absolutely adore! That is why I am excited to announce today’s BOGO deal! Purchase the 15 mL bottle of Copaiba and get Deep Blue FREE! 46498248_10217938240586681_8810744710432817152_n

Notice below the image you can purchase up to 5 bottles! Typically Copaiba is limited to 2 bottles per household per month. What a bonus for those using it for severe pain. Keep in mind Copaiba can be used internally, topically and diffused. Deep blue is not to be ingested but a great addition to a hot shower or rubbed into those aching joints and muscles. Are you in pain? Do you use ibuprofen or Tylenol regularly and have created an immunity? Why not try something natural that your body will react positively to?! And of course if you are not happy with the product you can always return them. I would say that is a risk worth taking. But that is just me.

For more information please visit my website by clicking HERE!

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