Tumeric Latte

Can you say yum?! As I mentioned before it is Doterra’s Buy One Get One week, a new deal every day this week. Tuesday is day two of this awesome BOGO week and the deal is: purchase one bottle of Tumeric and receive a lavender FREE.46692431_10217934103843265_8346867764060749824_n

Doterra keeps it simple and automatically adds the free oil to your cart at check out. I have already taken up the deal of the day as I love being able to use turmeric for cavities and oral health. Not to mention I am a bit of a lavender-aholic so anytime I can get it for free I am all in! Lavender has helped me with sleeping through the night, tension headaches, and anxiety so it is usually my first oil that I end up needing to reorder. Every night I sprinkle the oil between my sheets and on my pillowcase. When I was younger my mom would put lavender on my handmade rag dolls. Lavender not only soothes it also brings back very fond memories for me. It is amazing how smells can spark a long lost memory.

Enough about me- Give this one a try below!

Here is the latte recipe for the deal of the day:


This recipe is very tasty! You will absolutely love the flavor and benefits of the natural ingredients. Doterra just released Tumeric in September and it is far more potent as an essential oil than just the spice itself. I am so glad that they focus on bringing simply the best ingredients to their market.


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