A new rabbit hutch

CosettLast week I got a wild hair and decided to add an English angora to my rabbitry. So naturally, I needed to build another hutch as well to keep all my girls healthy, happy and safe. I went ahead and drove the dodge to work so that I could visit the lumber yard on lunch. I made an impression on the whole lumbar yard team dressed in professional attire. The man that assisted me with loading was dumbfounded I was driving such a rig and in high heels to boot. I couldn’t help but laugh. I am a get ‘er done kind of lady. truck

Luke, of course, assisted me during the weekend to finish my project; as we all know I am not the greatest at carpentry skills. I ended up purchasing four 2X4 pressure treated boards, four 2X2, and hinges for the doors. The plywood I picked up as free scraps from another local lumber yard, and I already had the roofing material and 4×4 posts on the homestead. Overall, I spent about $40 on this four rabbit hutch.

Each space has a little hideaway for the rabbit to get away from wind or build their nests when they are ready to have a litter. there is also a ledge they can jump up onto, which the ladies do often now that they are all moved in! There is a divider between the two spaces so that the rabbits can socialize but not cause each other harm. They seem to appreciate the company, in my opinion, seem to like their new space. hutch front

The boys all live in the older hutch which I have added a back wall to for the winter as well as a small box for each to hide in when the weather begins to turn for the worse. I still need to paint the new hutch and add a manure catch but I simply haven’t had the time in between work, preparing winter wood and the regular homestead chores with daylight quickly dwindling away. Phew! I just made my own head spin a little, might be time to sit back and relax in a hot bath with some essential oils. I think I deserve it.


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  1. D'Arcy says:

    Adorable play on words. You have the writers gift!


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