Barbwire and Bows

I’ve been working slowly to install the south side of the garden fence. Chain link is no easy feat when doing it alone. Over the last several weeks I installed a fence post or two after work each night. I did not want to push myself too hard but now it was time to unroll the chain link and U nail it to the posts. This was a much-needed addition as Ares was constantly going into the garden and digging up plants including a small apple tree I had planted last fall. Hopefully, this will keep him and the chickens out of the garden. Though I do still have the west side of the fence to complete as well as two gates to install.

Garden fence south side

I decided today should be one of rest since I had busted my hide the last several weeks. So, I got my craft on and made a wreath for a local nonprofit who has a Holiday Raffle in December. Most of the items I had collected from the homestead like the metal star, miniature horseshoe, ribbon and barb wire. The ceramic cow skull and a bundle of wheat I picked up from a local craft store for next to nothing. I also made a similar wreath for the guest house but it didn’t seem as nice as the first one. I might add some deer horns and a bow looking at it now, it just feels so bare. It was fun doing something less strenuous. 2nd one

After crafting most of the morning I  let the chickens out to run around in the yard. The rabbits got to join in the fun too! It was a beautiful day and I wanted everyone to enjoy it. The dogs were on their best behavior even with all the critters running around and playing.


After everyone had been outside I decided Johnny deserved to stretch his legs as well and I saddled up and went up the mountain. He seemed to enjoy himself just as much as I did and we took a gentle jog around the neighborhood. The fire damage is still very apparent but there is a sense of feeling on top of the world from this viewpoint. I love it out here, it is always breathtaking no matter what time of year. Horse ride


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  1. The wreath looks amazing!


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