Manure, Wool, oh MY!

Owning Angora’s is not all that glamorous. Yes, the end product of softly knit clothing is beyond luxurious but what about all that stuff leading up to it. Like the fact that there is lots of poop, oh and don’t forget the stray clumps of angora wool that get everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE! I have wool in my hair, wool stuck to clothes freshly washed and wool in my mouth. I kid you not. I sweep and vacuum 2-3 times a week and yet there is still wool under my bed, in my shower, and by the dining room table. How is this even possible?!Fiber

I don’t mean to sound like I am complaining, I am mostly just dumbfounded. I appreciate the wool obviously and the poop for the garden but it begins to drive one a little mad if it can’t be managed.

I’ve had it with the poop mess under the rabbit hutch so went to work on a makeshift funnel. It is by no means pretty but it is functional. The funnels drop the manure into 5-gallon buckets below for easy removal and dispersal into the garden. One thing I do love about rabbit manure is it is a cold manure that can go directly to where you want it, unlike chicken and horse manure which needs to sit for 8-12 months before applying. So this is a quick dump and grow! Hutch catcher

Now if only I could figure out how to keep the wool a little more tidy and less all over the place. Hmm…. Any suggestions?


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