Working hard or hardly working?

Fall is in full swing here as the colors begin to pop in vibrant yellows, passionate reds, and spicy oranges. After several days of fall rains, the well decided to quit working and I had five days without outdoor running water. What luck. However, the cistern was full so I was able to use the house water to fill the livestock waters and no one was the wiser.

The well company came out and discovered that the pump saver was misfiring and shutting off the well pump as if it was going through a dry run. They bypassed the pump saver and I had water flowing again. Hopefully, the well guys will be able to find another method to trigger the pump off when it goes through a dry run on the generator, this pump saver is just to finicky. Pump Saver.jpg

I am glad this hiccup occurred before a full-blown winter as I would not have realized I was unable to pump water until the cistern was completely empty. My horse goes down the hill to a local saddle club and I won’t be watering the outdoor landscape during winter; this would have left me blind to my lack of water until it was too late. I am so blessed this was an easy fix and happened sooner than later. Obviously panic ran through me as I thought maybe the well had really ran dry or maybe the pump had fried within the well. God is so good and continues to care for me. I daily count my blessings and am amazed by what I have been able to accomplish and endure.

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