Running Faucets

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This day has been a long time coming! After the initial failure to get running water in the house, my boyfriend and I did some additional research and watched a handful of off grid YouTube videos which led to us finding the perfect pump for the job! This 12 volt pump was easy to hook up to our DC system and can be submerged up to 250 feet.

Lucky for me Luke is a very handy gentleman and was able to plumb up the new pump to a pressure switch, wire it to the battery bank and get water flowing! This task took all day and several trips back and forth to town as we realized after each trip the system was missing components.

Pump and Zeus

Luke is very good at making the end project look nice and tidy. Installation went smoothly and after drilling a hole into the side of the house for the wiring for the pressure switch we were in business! A small pressure tank attached to the water line and water heater filled up first. After the pressure built, water began flowing through the rest of the house. Luke spent a few minutes getting the hot water tank to light and we were ready for the first ever real shower! The tank took about 35 minutes to heat all of the water and boy does that water get HOT. I can now wash dishes, take hot showers and do a load of laundry without the hassle of boiling water that I collect from the outside well. It really is the little things in life we take for granted! Shower

The water pressure is comfortable unless you flush the toilet while taking a shower. Other than that I have no complaints! Luke seems to be pretty pleased with the results as well and was taking two showers a day! I can’t say I blame him with all the hard work he put in. I tried to help as best I could but I am by no means savvy with batteries, wiring or plumbing. I feel confident after watching him put it all together though;  if something were to go array I would be able to pin point and hopefully tinker with it to get it going again.


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  1. 53old says:

    Good for you on “I can do this if I need to”.

    My wife of nearly 30 years has that attitude (that was my main “marriage criteria”!) and we carefully cultivated that attitude in our daughter. 🙂


    1. So happy to hear you are instilling that attitude in your daughter! Can’t give up on dreams simply because it’s inconvenient 😆

      Liked by 1 person

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