The little things

The smoke finally let up over the weekend after three days of gentle rain showers. I am so grateful to have the unobstructed views again as well as the help watering some of the landscape. This last month has been a smokey and dismal one as air quality remained in hazardous conditions for almost 4 weeks straight. Along with the rain came a very welcome cold snap as well. Mornings and nights have almost felt like Fall is in the air. The welcoming of Fall is slightly terrifying as it means I will be in full hustle mode preparing for winter and I am currently no where near ready. Once fire bans are lifted I will have to pull out the chain saw and begin stock piling wood for the wood stove. I also still have the task of purchasing and installing the rest of the chimney pipe as currently my wood stove is just a decorative piece in the living room. View

On a positive note, I welcomed my horse onto the homestead for the first time. Johnny seems to be settling in nicely and enjoying the pasture I worked very hard on last summer during my time off work. I absolutely love being able to watch him from the large kitchen window as he grazes. We broke out for a little ride around the neighborhood one evening to get better acquainted with our surroundings. He was very interested in a couple of deer we encountered along the way but Zeus my miniature schnauzer scared them off our trail. Johnny in pasture

Recently one of my friends had been boarding her horses and a hand full of chickens at my place due to the fire evacuation levels in her canyon across the river. This was a blessing for me as I was struggling to make ends meet and her spare cash put me in a much more comfortable place. She also left me with a large bundle of T posts, a livestock water trough, two garden gates and several wood fence poles. These materials will work perfectly for me to add on to the lower pasture I replanted last Fall. I love finding treasures in another persons junk! I am continuously blessed by my friends around me.

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