After weeks of waiting patiently, I now have a working stove top! My father dropped in to do some last minute checking on all of the valves in the house to make sure it would be safe to hook up the stove. Everything turned out fine and we were able to light the stove top burners with a stick lighter. Progress!

The oven however is still not hooked up as it has a very difficult access point for the pilot light. This is unfortunate. I will have to wait until there is power to the house in order to bake or cook anything. Initially when the stove was purchased I was under the assumption the electrical plug was only for the light within the oven, wrong! Darn it all. So again patience is in order.

I am still using the BBQ for most of my cooking. With property taxes and winter approaching I want to conserve as much of my resources as possible. This first year might just be the hardest so I want to be diligent.

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