Kitchen Delivery!

I am so excited as I finally have a real oven and a fridge! I can almost say good bye to the evenings of warming shower water on the BBQ and constantly replacing the ice in the cooler (literally a daily task in this July heat!). Keep in mind they are not quite fully installed but they are here at the house and I am just so excited to see them where they belong.

As you guessed, I still do not have running water to the house nor a power system up and running just yet. It is a very slow process and I am trying to not lose my mind. Honestly, I have gotten into a fairly nice routine of this not so easy life.

The homestead routine is wake up with the sunrise to let the dogs out, put the bunny in her outdoor run, feed the chickens and go back to sleep for an hour. When I finally wake up for real I get ready for work, put the dogs in the house and the bunny back in her hutch and commute to work (1 hour each way). Once I am home I put the bunny back out in her run, let the dogs out, water the plants, check on the chickens, top off the barn cats food dishes and refill the animals waters. Then I weed a little each day along the walk ways and inside the garden. Weeding is never ending but now I have joy in weeding knowing my rabbit and chickens love the weeds as a treat! One or two times a week I go down to the neighborhood well to refill the water barrels. I try to get odd ball tasks in before the day light ends and then I sit down to relax and brush the rabbit. After her brushing she gets placed back in her hutch for the night with a fresh serving of dinner and herbs. Then, I begin warming water for my shower in a large pasta pot on the BBQ. I end my nights reading Pinterest and thinking up new ideas for the homestead. I love this life, it is so rewarding watching my dreams become reality. Hopefully water will be flowing soon and I can welcome my horse to the property as well.

This weekend I have a photographer coming to take photos of the homestead and post them to my online booking site.

Book on Hipcamp

Hopefully I have done all the things needed to make my little guest house appeal to travelers and adventurers. Another guest I have coming is my cousin! I am so very excited to see her, she even told me I could put her to work! That might have been a mistake on her part. (wink wink) I am hoping I can finally get the tile back splash installed in the kitchen with her helping hands. We shall see.

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