It’s Electrifying!

What a whirl wind it has been as the house continues to come together. We have been able to get the electrical plugs, light switches and all of the lights into the house as well as the ceiling fan. Hopefully we can get the battery bank and generator system put together now and test out the house! Then to wrap up the plumbing and get this show on the road!

can lights.jpg

I am so blessed by the help I have had in getting the house finished, as a majority of these projects have been well out of my depth. Once all of the interior is completed I will have more time to get back to enjoying my garden, landscape and live stock. My goal is to eventually be able to work from home by going to farmers markets and having a side income from the guest house and bunk house. This is a long term goal that will take some time and perfecting. Right now with the battle of the moles happening in my garden I know farmers markets this year will not be feasible but maybe next year? This summer I can begin to rent out the guest house and start to get an idea of how that business plan could pan out.  This whole process has been very exciting and it is still so surreal to wake up in the morning in my own house! I can not wait to share this life style with guests. It is a little bit of work but it is all so well worth it.

I am keeping this post short today as I have to get back to some chores!  Check back in with me soon to see what sort of progress has been made.

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