The Guest house is Ready!

This week has been very busy for me on the homestead. I had some animal husbandry to take care of, weeding, weed eating and watering which are all day to day tasks but I also had to get my guest house ready for summer! All these things needed to be done while working a 6 day work week this week. (And I wonder why I am always tired)Ha!

I will save the animal husbandry projects for a future post because I think I will get a little wordy. As raising animals on a completely off grid home creates a whole other element to the responsibilities. So let me get back on track with the topic at hand which is the guest house. I was able to deep clean the interior over the weekend and the space feels amazing! Individuals who are interested in staying with me can click the tab at the bottom of this post for more information.

I moved the furniture out of the house and cleaned the upholstery. While the furniture was out of the house I went ahead and swept, vacuumed and mopped the floors. What a difference a clean floor makes! Once the space was clean I was able to bring the furniture back inside. I have the inside mostly looking together so I went ahead and started working on the covered patio. I could still use some interior decor but I haven’t quite figured out how I want to decorate the space yet. I still have plenty to do before my first guests arrive but all in all it is really starting to look like something!


After a few hours of cleaning I was burned out by the guest house so I went back to doing some tasks on my own home. One of the tasks I completed was putting a message board on both sides of the upper cabinet in my kitchen. This was a fairly simple task and saved me having to find and paint wood to match for the unfinished sides of the cabinet. I measured and cut the metal with tin snips for both sides of the cabinet. Once the metal was cut to size I simply glued them in place. They did slide ever so slightly so I checked and realigned them every half hour until it was time for bed. I am very pleased with the outcome of my message board! And over all the project only cost me $12 for the sheet metal and glue as I borrowed the tin snips. Now I can stick up notes with magnets about my grocery list or chores I need to complete and the metal reflects the counter top color well so everything matches very cohesively.

The completion of each project really helps me get through the days because I love being able to check things off my chore list! One chore I think will never really get off my list though is weeding. I simply get over ran by the wild grasses and flowers around here, maybe one day I will catch a break though. As promised there is a button below if you are interested in more information about staying with us at the homestead with a view! 
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