Summer Begins

We have passed the longest day of the year and now we begin to see our days become shorter again. How bitter sweet as the realization that another winter is coming and will be here sooner than I would like. However progress is still being made and I should have the house well rounded and ready for winter before then. So I will smile and welcome summer with her three digit temperatures and sun kissed skies.


The progress these last few weeks have been slow but I can not and will not complain. Life on the homestead after my full time job is still an escape even with the never ending projects. I have found peace in my fully off grid home and the routine of this life. Wake with the sunrise, let the dogs out, get ready for work, put the dogs away and head to work, return home, water the garden, heat my shower water, make dinner, feed the animals, complete a chore or two and get ready for bed; then repeat. The routine of homestead life is becoming easier with practice and I now have an indoor toilet making one more daily task of life a little easier. Though the toilet is not quite yet hooked up to the cistern I have made due with a bucket of water on hand to dump into the bowl, so this has greatly reduced my outhouse use! Its funny how excited one can get about indoor amenities most people take for granted.


The other day I went to unpack all of my kitchen wares and found that several of my boxes had become full time residences for a family of mice so unpacking the kitchen has been placed on hold until I have running water to wash dishes, hence the large pile to the right of the photo above. I still have to visit the neighborhood well once a week to restock my water but all in all I have found a pattern in my day to day and it is not all that bad. This life is rewarding because everything I have, I work for. Not everyone will understand this life style but that is perfectly fine by me, not everyone is cut out for it.

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