Moving in

My commute to work is far from brief but I must say I have some incredible views along the way! I am so glad to finally be all moved in, even though there are still plenty of finishing touches to be done I can live with the inconvenience for a while longer. At least I am out of the bunk house and moved into the larger home!

My first Monday morning in the house was an early one. I woke up as the sun rose in order to drive down the hill and meet another finishing contractor and guide him up the dirt roads. At least this meant my kitchen cabinets were going to be getting installed along with my counter tops, kitchen sink and last but not least bathroom vanity! Hip Hip Hooray for more storage space.


He began with the corner piece and connected the kitchen sink cabinet, Then worked his way outward toward the front door and oven location once all the cabinets were snug and set he completed the rest while I was at work.  Amazingly enough all of the lower cabinets that I had purchased off craigslist fit! I was so happy to see we did not end up breaking up the cabinets between the mud room and kitchen space. When I returned home from work I was so happy to see the progress. It was like Christmas in June! Even though there is still tile to do on the back splash and a kick board to put under the cabinets my home just feels so right. Waking up and walking out of my bedroom to the sight of my new kitchen just makes my smile shine!


The bathroom also started receiving some final touches with a shower curtain and vanity. We have yet to install the toilet and attach all of the plumbing to the sinks in both the kitchen and bathroom but I am still making due with the outhouse and outdoor shower setup just fine, although my showers are limited as I have yet to unpack the charger for my shower pump. Yes, I am a little panicked about that. I was just getting good at judging the water temperatures I will need  (windy evenings call for practically all boiling water!) as well as quantity of water. Ha!

I think soon I might need to step up my game and do some google learning about plumping to get the ball rolling again. I also need to read up on solar power systems so I can upgrade my power setup. At least the days are getting longer so artificial light is less necessary and I am able to charge most of my electronics while commuting or at work.

All and all I have found I am very adaptable and of course if you haven’t guessed it already not afraid of a little hard work. I am beginning to fall into a lovely routine of waking up early, working all day and then ending my evenings with a nice hot outdoor shower so that I can begin all over again when the sun rises.

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