What a busy four days I have had! Luke and I worked with my finishing carpenter to really set some pedal to the metal. Terry the carpenter worked his heart out getting the windows framed in and Luke and I tackled the installation of the wood floors. Terry did some beautiful work on the windows and eventually I will get around to painting the trim but for now it is not a top priority. windows-trimmed-in.jpg

We took the large stack of pine and moved it into the living room and kitchen area as a precaution from weather damage. Originally, Luke and I were just going to be some spare hands to assist Terry with installing the floors but after a few lessons Luke and I were able to relieve him so he could go to work behind us with installing the kick board. wood floor pile

Before laying of the floor could be started we had to scrape the texture mud from the sheet rocker off the floors, sweep and vacuum several times so that the glue for the floor would help the wood stick and reduce squeaking.  Cleaning the floors was the easy part of this work intensive task. I even got on my hands and knees with a wet rag to clean up any residual dust. Some may thing we went a little over board but we really wanted to make sure the wood floors were not going to warp and come up off the plywood base. start of bathroom floor

We began in the bathroom as it had several plumbing holes we had to accommodate for. It took about three hours to get those three boards installed but after the meticulous work was finished we were able to move along full steam ahead. This is when Terry left Luke and I to carry on. Once we finished the bathroom we came out partially into the living room and then began to lay the floors in the bedroom. We were able to get almost finished with the bedroom before darkness fell and we had to go ahead and quit for the evening. Morning two we woke up some what early to get a jump start on Terry’s arrival so that he could continue to do his work. By the end of day two we had finished the entire floor and I was able to begin the next tedious task of clear coating the floors for durability and strength.

All in all I think we did a pretty bang up job! And I am so greatly for all the help my boyfriend gave me in making the floors look as good as possible. Without his help I am sure there is no way I could have made them look this stellar! Now to just get the kitchen cabinets installed. One day I will be able to rest. Ha! I will leave you with a beautiful view of the sunset, enjoy.sunset with international


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