Make it Blue

The handy man was able to finalize the texture on the walls on Friday before the long weekend. This was a life saver as I had three helpers scheduled to come over on Saturday with a spray gun and help me paint the interior of the house. I wanted to paint most of my house a pale blue and the ceilings white with a slight tint of blue to them then finish off the bedroom and bathroom walls in a complementary green.

My friends arrived early in the afternoon on Saturday, the weather was perfect and we had plenty of time to crank out rolling the ceiling and spraying the walls. All of us ended up with paint in our hair, all over our faces and on our arms. It was pretty fun! We made it through the bedroom with the ceiling paint and partly through the living room before needing to open a second gallon of paint. This is where things got a little interesting. When I went to open the second can of paint we realized we had painted the darker blue paint on the ceiling instead of the white with a slight blue tint. I went into a slight panic as I realized we would not have enough paint to complete the walls. I took a deep breath and drank a beer before deciding how we should proceed.

I chatted it over with my good friend and we decided to go ahead and complete the rest of the ceiling and walls of the main room with the darker blue. We did a very light coat where the cabinets would go and as luck would have it we had just enough to complete the main room! I had a tablespoon of paint left over at the end, so we just barely made it. Since I only had the extra help for one day, we improvised and everything turned out okay. The ceiling in the bathroom we ended up painting the tinted white and then completed the bathroom and bedroom walls in a soft focus green. I’ll use the rest of the white for the trim and kick board. Honestly I think it looks great! In my opinion it makes the space feel more open. This will be a memory and lesson for life. (Lesson: Instead of double checking be sure to triple check before applying your paint!)


Another exciting project that was completed was the installation of the septic tank and drain field. We scored a discounted tank because it had imperfections. Although we ended up getting a brand new tank because the warehouse could not locate the kick out for us when we arrived for pick up. How lucky are we!? I am just one step closer to being into my new house! The excitement and anticipation is almost unbearable. septic-tank-in.jpg

The next project at hand is the installation of the floors and framing of the windows and doors. Once the floors are in we can add back into the kitchen the cabinets and begin on the final steps of completed my home sweet home! I am in love with my little house.

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