Holy Poo!

Now this is something to write home about! We have the hole dug for the septic system and we are having the tank delivered and installed tomorrow! My father and I decided on a 1000 gallon concrete tank because the location is below the driveway and it needed to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of a car. Notice the bird houses are all mounted on the garden fence! The photo below was prior to me weeding so please don’t mind the green jungle in front and behind the garden fence. Ha! birdhouses in place

I also used the mini excavator to move an old dog kennel out of the horse paddock and clean up a space for my corn rows down by the lower house. I tried to also clean up a brush pile using the excavator but the heavy rain enabled me from getting the pile to burn. Hopefully I can get it going next week with out to much worry of wind or dry landscape. After planting my sweet corn I also planted some pampas grass as a border plant behind some of the pasture fencing. Included in the weekend planting was some more herbs, salvia and columbine for the bees, I really hope they appreciate the plants I got for them, salvia is stinky! I personally wouldn’t have planted it just for my own sake. I also went ahead and caved on some annuals to make a pretty little window planter- I improvised with some free burlap sacks instead of peat moss or what ever most people use for the base of flower baskets. I think it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. windowflowers

Stay tuned next week as I hope to complete the interior texture and paint over the holiday weekend. Wish me luck. Then the following week we should be able to install the flooring and kick board trim. Fingers crossed it all begins to wrap up at the end of this month! I am getting so itchy to move in full time! Extended weekends are simply not enough any more.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your article. Things are coming along beautifully. Every added detail is a work of art.


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