Garden Madness

YellowirisThere is something unbelievably satisfying about a big bundle of yellow iris’. I simply can’t help but smile looking at them. I had a very enjoyable weekend. Even though the garden got the best of me while working on the irrigation system. Yes, I know the homestead is still water less but I want to be prepared for when I do have water. Once the interior house starts to get finalized I will be wrapped up inside with things like wall texture, painting and flooring. The goal is to cut down on exterior chores like weeding and watering by installing the drip irrigation system.

While I was at work a coworker offered me several bird houses. I took him up on his offer and was ecstatic to plan a wine and paint night with my friend Amber and hanging them up on the garden fence posts. She was able to knock out two of her three and I wrapped up all three of mine the same evening so I got a little tired of the detail work by the end. Overall I think they still turned out pretty darn adorable!

I mentioned earlier that the irrigation system was driving me a bit mad. The reason being was I did not order enough of the proper supplies so I had to improvise quite a bit with my drip lines. I should have ordered more of the sprinkler heads so I will need to finalize that in the weekend to come. Hopefully once it is all in place I will be able to do a test run with the generator and well. Fingers crossed it all works properly and I will no longer have to hand water everything with a watering can and hauled water from the community well.

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I know it doesn’t look like much but it took me the better part of two days to complete the irrigation in the garden area. The over all cost for supplies was about $85 and it was well worth the time and money if it all works appropriately. I found a kit from rain bird that really helped in getting the irrigation thought out and pieced together. Eventually I hope to include irrigation to all of the landscape but for now the garden held priority. Check out below how my rhubarb is thriving! I plan to make a rhubarb custard pie with what I picked this afternoon. Yum! I should also be able to harvest strawberries in the next week or two so my kitchen will become pie central! rhubarb




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  1. Don’t forget to make Grandma Burkes Strawberry Rhubarb pie; I’m pretty sure myself or Kim has her secret pie crust ingredients…….ice water and vinegar!
    Your bird houses are positively adorable- each and every one of them. I have been a strong fan of your existing bird houses so they will fit right at home amongst the older versions; who although worn and tattered have a beauty and charm that new wood and fresh paint can’t compare!
    Everything looks positively amazing!


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