Closing the Seams

I’ve been tidying up the construction piles on a daily basis at this point as we are getting ever so close to wrapping up the interior of the cabin. That means we are that much closer to me moving into the main house and out of the bunk house and room I rent in town. You can not imagine how unbelievably thrilled I am about the move. The move in will mean that water and sewer is completed and I can finally welcome my livestock onto the homestead! My horse Johnny and my flock of chickens all have a home completed on the homestead it is just time for me to have mine. sheet rock in laundry room

Above is the view of my mud room as it is almost complete with tape and mud. Once completed we can apply texture and paint to the walls then proceed in installing the floors. My father and I moved the kitchen cabinets out of the house to make maneuvering and completing these projects much less taxing. While the cabinets are out of the house I have removed hardware, drawers and doors so that I can begin to paint them. Painting is not my forte but I am doing what I can to make my home how I want it with the budget I have available to me.  Living room sheet rock

It will be so surreal when I am able to finally move in after all of the hard work I have been doing inside and out on the homestead. Weekly 3-4 day= visits in the bunk house is simply not enough, I can not wait to be here full time!

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