Shaping up

The outdoor living areas are really starting to come together! I simply need another two or three patio sets and I should be set for entertaining. This little space (photo on the left) tucked away behind my chicken coop is the perfect spot to sit back with my feet up and keep an eye on the rest of the homestead. Its right behind the little pond I installed a couple of weeks ago. I have since planted a lily and water iris inside. This was mainly put in for the bees to have a safe source of water but I am enjoying the water feature and might consider adding in a fish to keep the mosquito population down. I have also purchased a solar fountain and will be adding that to the pond as well! pond

Now that I have started using the outdoor living areas I am starting to reevaluate how I have them set up. The community fire pit will definitely need some more work as it feels cramped and is hard to access by a large number of people because of how we built it into a previous raised flower bed. It is still a gorgeous view overlooking the garden and pasture beyond but it would be nice to have it a little more functional for future use.

Rain chain

Everything about the homestead brings me peace. Even with all the projects underway there is something to be said about putting the hard work in yourself to really see your rewards.


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