Small Successes in the Garden

The hard work of last fall is beginning to pay off. The bulbs that I planted are popping up and one of the tulips surprised my socks off! The brightness of the yellow on the petals below is incredible and the photo simply doesn’t do it justice. I hope the rest of the flower bed starts to catch up as this poor tulip is looking very lonely, if I remember correctly the majority of this bed will be summer blooming. Please ignore the weeds and grass popping up, I planted several flower seeds within as well and I am not sure what is what at this point. Time will tell and then I can go into a full fledged weed culling. Tulip Another nice surprise was seeing more of my fruit trees going into bloom. The plum tree below is now happier than ever after a nice pruning and is sending tons of healthy leaves and blooms out. I even caught several of my honey bees going to work on the nectar and pollen. Check out that cute little bee butt below! PLum bee

Another little project I tackled was to create a support system for my growing sugar snap peas. Their vines are starting to curl and meander across the ground so I took some jute twine and tied it off to a little stick which I stuck in the ground then wrapped the twine around the trellis above. I tied the opposite end to another little stick that I stuck on the far side of the plants. This assistance will allow the sugar snap peas to explore upward onto the support. (Again please ignore the grass and weeds. Remember I have mentioned on several occasions I am a lazy gardener. Only the strong will survive!) Peas

As water is still inconvenient I am trying my best to keep everything hydrated and growing. Word on the street though is that the pump will be getting installed by the end of next week! That would be absolutely incredible, I also hear that the hole for the septic system in planned for next week too so we are really beginning to see progress up here. God is good, can I get an Aman?!



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