Weekend Serenity Glamping

Check out this beautiful little view from the bunk house bed! The dogs are always so happy to be here and I love waking up to the sounds of the song birds. My morning ritual has become waking up to this view, boiling water and making french press coffee then I head down to the bee hives to sit with my cup of coffee listening to the birds and watching the bees begin their daily work. Camp stove

My style is like glamping on over drive! Check out the camp stove, fresh cut flowers and of course my dog Ares who loves to photo bomb. Today’s agenda after coffee with the bees was to put up the clothes line, add a second deep to the hives, collect water from the community well, water the landscaping and garden and test some of my solar lights in storage as well as hang the new solar lights I purchased off of amazon.

This clothes line was affordable and extremely easy to install. It only took me about six minutes to drill the holes and put the eyelets in to the post on the left and shower house trellis on the right. Once the line was hung I was able to tighten it with the adjustable end and finish it off with a towel hanging to dry after a well deserved shower! That reminds me, I forgot to show you the camp shower set up I have going now. As you know I haul in water from the community well. So my shower is a little bit of hard work but oh so worth it. I heat a large pot of water on my camp stove and then add it to a couple buckets on the floor of the shower. I purchased a bilge pump style shower that I can charge using a USB cord on my way to work. The shower has phenomenal water pressure just like a normal shower so as long as I heat enough water I stay glamping in style!

bees with second deep.jpg

So after the short task of hanging the clothes line I suited up in my bee veil and put pine fuel in the smoker. I gathered my two additional deeps filled with clean frames and went to work. I subdued the bees with a few puffs of smoke before opening them up. Once I was inside the hive I checked their feeder and went ahead and refilled it. I rather give my hive the food they may not need than to add stress I could have prevented. And then I gave the little beauties an additional deep as they only had one frame left to fill and Lord help me if they decide to swarm. Once everything was put back together in an orderly fashion I ratcheted the boxes back down onto the hive stand for safe keeping. Hauling water

Task three for the day was to take the international down to the community well and fill up as many containers I possibly could find on the homestead. Watering all of the landscaping and garden plants takes both 55 gallon containers and I still needed more water for my shower, morning coffee and water for the dogs. Once all of the containers were filled I headed back up the road to the house and proceeded to water all of my very thirsty plants.

The apricot trees and dwarf peach tree were starting to show beautiful and delicate blooms. And the daffodils finally made their appearance as well as the hyacinth, grape hyacinth and bright green sugar snap peas! How exciting that Spring is doing her delightful dance.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And last but not least I put up my solar lights to make the walk to the outhouse at night a little more bearable. Some of the stand up light poles need new batteries so not all of the lights are up yet but I am absolutely loving the ambiance. walking path lightsentry solar lights


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