Chim Chimney!

Check out that bad boy! As I write this I have that darn Mary Poppins song stuck in my head. Yet, I am waltzing with cheer knowing that this adjustment to the chimney means the sheet rock can finally be completed. I feel so lucky to be moving forward in completing the interior of my soon to be home sweet homestead. Chim Chimney, good luck will rub off when I shakes hands with you!

The contractors Mike and Herb worked all day to get the chimney moved toward the back of the house about six feet which lands my wood stove in the corner of the living room. The guys had to move a sheet of metal roof and chimney then cover up the old hole and add a new piece of metal where the chimney was prior. I feel for the guys because this was a lot of unnecessary work for them. Communication had been slightly disconnected last fall when they put it in the first time.  Had I known prior that the original wood stove I refinished was not going to work with the square footage I would have had them hold off until I could find the correct stove. I am glad the adjustment was able to be completed and that Mike and Herb did not seem to upset by the additional labor requirement. Wood stove almost complete

Above is the smaller wood stove in its final resting place. It does not crowd the living space like the original stove had. Now we can get the mud and tape completed and begin to paint all of the interior walls and ceiling. After those tasks are completed flooring will be installed and the newly painted kitchen cabinets and counter top. The fun is about to begin!

In preparation for the sheet rock finisher my father brought up his dump truck so that I could pull out all the construction garbage inside the house and clean up around the outside as well. This made for a very dirty and long day! Lucky for me I now have a camp shower setup in the shower house, stay tuned for more on that! dumpster full

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