Tulip Paradise

Previously on Homestead with a View, I stated that I was a lazy gardener so get ready for a post about perennials! Drum roll please… I found a killer deal on tulips that are currently in full bloom, apparently I am lazy and cheap- did I mention that? Most of my previously planted tulips are only showing their leaves so next year they will probably all bloom around the same time. Each container held 3-5 tulips already propagating. And get this, they were a whopping 90 cents each! I could not resist especially since my mom pitched in to help me plant them. We ended up planting about 100 blooms throughout the property in pinks, orange with deep blue hues, a few reds and ;lots of bright yellows. momw tulips

Unfortunately, there is one down side to my deal of the day! From my research it sounds like bees will not use these tulips as a pollen or nectar source so they are simply for looks. At least they are something I can enjoy though. And on the even brighter side there are plenty of other things on the property to occupy my bees time. I still have plenty of tasks to complete before the property is move in ready but I am really seeing a difference as I pull into the driveway or walk down established paths. This is my home sweet home and I am anxious to move in.


On another note, exciting things are starting to happen in my vegetable garden as well. The Rhubarb has popped up,  my garlic, onions, beets as well as the lettuce! All the hard work is paying off and watering on the weekends is helping immensely. rhubarbLuke loves his pollinators so he chipped in a mini project toward the end of the evening. Below are some mason bee homes. We saw mason bees last summer all over my Russian sage so Luke thought we would invite them back. Mason bees will not destroy wood themselves but are opportunistic and will move into any small holes in wood. Luke used some old scrap wood I had laying around and made three separate ones for different locations on the homestead. (Sorry for the photo being taken at night, we let time get away from us!)masin bees

Well that about sums it up! I hope you keep checking in for new projects and also keep your eyes peeled as I begin to put some more videos together of things that are happening on the homestead!


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  1. Mom enjoyed digging in the dirt with you. Hugs and kisses


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