The water-less Homestead

Since the rains have stopped and I still do not have the well pump installed, how am I going to keep all of my garden and landscaping plants alive you ask? Well I have a unique system established so that I can haul up water from a near by community well. But over the winter my ford pick up had some transmission issues and for some reason I was not able to get the international started so water seemed out of reach, especially since April didn’t bring much of any showers.

However this led Luke to check out why the international was not starting and he worked his magic and was able to get the engine purring smoothly. It simply had a dry fuel pump and needed a little help getting the fuel back into the engine. Luke is again my hero! My snow plow has now become my water truck.  A low tire is also on the list to get replaced but for now it is doing what it needs to. In the truck bed I have two large barrels with nozzles with an attached garden hose as well as several water jugs that I take down the road to fill. It takes a little time to get all of the containers with lids to be filled. This is all worth the effort to make sure  my gardening efforts do not end in failure. One truck load can irrigate all of my landscape and garden plants with a little water left to spare for the dogs to drink and a sponge bath.

Speaking of water, Luke and I went ahead and put in a little pond between the house and chicken coup. We will put a lily or two in once the weather warms a bit more. This will be a great spot for the bees to land and drink with less potential of drowning. I also ordered a small camp shower with a pump to use in my outdoor shower building. In the future this will make for a much more pleasant weekend stay especially with how much gardening I do. It will be nice to be able to rinse off after a long day of working hard. pond

Many of the homesteader blogs I follow got their start without water so I know this is just part of the homestead life style. I am perfectly happy to work a little harder than most would like to because this homestead is mine and becoming part of me with every hour I spend building it into my dream. I am blessed to have this hard yet rewarding life style.


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