Spring Rain

Here on the homestead I am still without running water so rain has become a very important component to helping my garden and spring plants grow and flourish. Currently my cabin roof does not have gutters but I do plan to add some along with a rain barrel system to help with irrigation. I have already collected the rain barrels I just need to create a screen for the tops and a system for over flow. Once the gutters are installed I can attach the barrels and begin to collect rain water at a larger scale.

My well was dug last fall but is not yet hooked up to a pump. I still need to get my generator system set up prior to installing the pump. It is important to make sure all of my off grid components work prior to moving in. Currently I am making due with the Spring rains for my water source but soon that will stop and I will be back to bringing water up from town in barrels (which I can’t currently do because my truck is out of commission due to a little winter incident). I am collecting the rain water using watering cans, buckets and any other type of catch basin I can get my hands on. I line these items up along the ground at the end of the roof line and collect any of the run off. This is much more efficient than just having the items collect what they can without the roof. One of my watering cans has a beautiful rain chain to guide the water flow right down in while the other buckets and basins simply catch what they can from the drips off the roof. I can not wait to install the more efficient barrel and gutter method, it’s funny how excited one can get about a little bit of water when it is not easily accessible.

My hope is that the spring showers continue until the well is finished. As of right now though I am not sure that time line will match up with the weather but here is to hoping and praying that it does. I will keep this post short like the Spring showers and wish you all well in your endeavors this week!


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