Winter Getaway

Last weeks post showed you how I am still progressing this years crops with Thriving Interior Gardening. With that in mind I need to get my butt back up to the homestead and begin to prepare the actual garden which will be those plants forever home. Over the weekend the winter weather broke and sunshine abound. So what better than to go up and stay the weekend on my homestead? I could not resist enjoying the views and basking in the warm glow of the sun while snow and icicles melted off the roof.Sunset

This is the first time this year I was able to stay in my bunk house due to the difficulty of maneuvering a vehicle up the treacherous roads to access the property. The buddy heater inside the little bunk house kept me and the dogs nice and warm all night long. Large gusts of wind woke me out of a sound sleep at 2 AM but other than that the bunk house served me well yet again.

Bunk house

I had quite a load to bring up with me this visit as I was gifted a little patio set, lots of camping gear as well as all the treasures I have collected over the previous weekends in the garden center of Home Depot.

I made quick work of unloading the truck so that I could get to business on the projects at hand: Build a cold frame, tarp the garden with clear plastic, build a raised bed, burn the last of the brush piles and snag my paint samples to get started on purchasing paint colors for the interior.

Garden tarpedWarning; building is not my strong suit. I know to always measure twice and cut once but for some reason I still manage to make a fool of myself when it comes to building and construction. I struggled to measure the square accurately for the cold frame and became overwhelmed with trying to make the box level. I ended up breaking the Plexiglas I planned to use as a top for my frames and this simply would not do! Frustration over whelmed me and I had to move on to a new task.

I planned to build some raised beds for my strawberries but found a rectangle frame on the property that would work just fine. Yay! Less building for this construction illiterate woman. One thing I was able to manage all by myself (insert sarcasm) was placing a clear plastic tarp on a large section of my raised bed.  This will help with increasing soil temperatures quickly so that I can transplant those cold hardy plants patiently waiting in my bathroom under some grow lights. Master gardeners have been using this trick for decades and swear up and down my soil temperatures under that plastic will be 20 degrees warmer than the soil without cover. WOOHOO! Spring gardening here I come!


The last task I took on for the weekend was burning an old brush pile which created some enjoyable evening heat and entertainment. The wind chill was kept at bay by the warm flames and I stood there mesmerized by the dancing flames and peaceful evening sounds. Once the sun finally set the dogs were less than thrilled being out in the dark so I put them in the bunk house where they curled up on the air mattress enjoying the heater. I am truly blessed by my fur babies below. Zeus on the left and Ares on the right.

Stay tuned next week for my next homestead update.

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  1. I always enjoy reading your updates on your homestead project. You truly look like you are enjoying every step of the way- despite frustrations, which will always accompany life. You rise above them and that is the most important attribute to a life lived well.


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