Continued Interior Design

Last weeks post was all about Winter is a cold, hard b*t(#! and to be honest I was feeling pretty beat up about my whole Homesteading journey, here is why: my snow plow has not been starting, my other truck now is stuck on the hill and having issues engaging into drive and then to top it off I proceeded to get my fathers truck stuck as well.truck view

The weather had improved and I was able to borrow my dads truck to make it to where my truck was stuck. I then backed my truck up out of the way because the road to the house is a single lane and the only access road. It was a small victory that was quickly tainted by another loss. On the way back down  I got my fathers truck stuck on a small incline covered in slush on top of a sheet of ice. (I tried everything before giving up)

I then had to hike the 4.5 miles down the mountain to the main highway where I proceeded to hitch hike with my two dogs. Let me tell you one nugget of knowledge. People will not pick up a hitch hiker with dogs…. Even the semi drivers blew right by me. The whole hike down I called anyone I could think of. Everyone was either at work or out of town. This was the lowest of the lows for my homesteading journey so far. I had blisters and shin splints for days! But as you can see I obviously survived as finally a friend called me back and was able to send her husband to my rescue who was in my general area on his way to pick up his daughter from school, Hallelujah! God is good.

Lucky for me I have a wonderful man to perk my spirits and keep me striving for the end goal. My boyfriend surprised me for Valentine’s day with a very beautiful teal wood stove. He knows how to keep the fire alive. (Ha!) But really, this man knows me extremely well. How he tracked down the absolute perfect wood stove is beyond me but here it is. It will match everything in the kitchen so perfectly! 27658362_10159889499135023_1094504438_n

Luke went beyond way out of his way this year and also spoiled me with a beautiful pastel purple bee box! I wanted the boxes to blend nicely with my lavender and Russian Sage plants. I believe this is going be a very cute addition to the landscape. I went ahead and accented some lavender blooms all the way around. They are just too adorable for words. bee-box.jpg

We also spent part of the weekend at the Flower and Garden show in Seattle. The show was fascinating but had a lot of retail venders that didn’t really pertain to gardening in my opinion. We sought out the diamonds in the rough and I found a dwarf peach tree for a good price along with some non edible landscaping plants. While exploring the show we also picked up some free flowering trees and won three bundles of daffodils that were already starting to bloom. Spring was in the air everywhere I looked and it made me itch even more to get back outside in my garden.

sky nursery

While we were in the bigger city Luke and I decided to also explore some new nurseries. One of the nurseries had a HUGE green house with a coffee shop inside, talk about business owners who know how to please the masses. We had hit the jackpot. As we were browsing through 350 rose varieties one struck me, bare in mind I am not a big fan of roses. Luke decided he would spoil me some more and purchased the beautiful and unique rose along with a variety of camellia bushes for his

I know ladies, I am one very lucky woman because this was a Valentines day weekend for the record books! Come spring I definitely have my work cut out for me but I am beyond excited to get back in the dirt. Each task I add for myself brings me that much closer to creating my personal paradise. I look forward to seeing it all come together this Spring when the road clears and the weather is warm and inviting.

Check back in with me next week for another update on the Thriving Interior Gardening


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  1. Beautiful inside and out. Love the stove and all of your flowers


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