Winter Fest fun

Lake Chelan winter fest 2018

Winter Fest is a Lake Chelan tradition this time of year. The main town roads are shut down and booths are set up to entertain the tourists from afar. Artisans come with chain saws and craft beautiful ice sculptures. This festival includes all members of the family in the fun with a slide made of ice for the kids, wine tasting booths as well as a horse drawn carriage. This weekend was a unique little get away but also a productive one as I continued to prepare for my Spring garden.

Fencing score!

An gentleman I know from work and his wife are moving to Mexico soon and they have been graciously unloading most of their belongings. He mentioned there were some items I might have use for and I was lucky enough to be able to fill my truck with many gifts for my garden. I received several 4×4 posts to complete the last two sides of the wood fencing as well as some glass panes and clear plastic panels to make cold frames to protect the garden transplants come spring. It is remarkable how items necessary for the homestead keep dropping into my lap (mind you: I did have to shovel some of these items out of the snow). I was even able to snag several, mostly full boxes of screws and nails, heavy duty tomato cages, glass jars for herbs and things as well as a handle for the future gate I will build at the entrance of the garden.  The big picture is simply falling into place on God’s timing. I am so blessed.

Truck load

Jamie joined me up to the cabin in the truck with a full set of chains all around as the snow has become rather deep. It is truly unfortunate that I have not been able to get my snow plow started since Fall. I was glad we made it up to the cabin to unload my treasures even if it did take an additional hour to get there. It was an adventure to say the least as a couple of times the chains popped off and we had to readjust them. Jamie is always a good sport, willing to help me on the homestead when she can. We unloaded the truck and let the dogs run around for a while before having a paper bag lunch and heading back down to town.

I am anxious to see the fruits of my labor not only in the construction of the garden but also the literal sense of a successful garden within. It is amazing how gratifying it can be to watch your projects come together. I am continuously grateful for the community support that has come around me as well. God is good. (Below is an image to make you giggle- Jamie was helping me remove a chain that was being stubborn. She fell over into the ditch, this gal is always such a hoot!)




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