Planting Daffodils during Winter


Check out my very first Video Tutorial for Homesteading with a View on how to plant daffodils in the middle of winter. Ideally you should plant daffodils in the fall just before your first frost in your area. Unfortunately, I only just purchased my bulbs so I did not have the luxury of getting them in prior to winter. Now this will be a little more work for me but in the long run it will make it so that I can enjoy the daffodils this spring.

Step 1:

Clear away the snow and begin to break the frozen soil until you are below the frost line.

Step 2:

Space out your Daffodils about 3-6 inches, this will ensure they have enough space to propegate and will not cause over crowding.

Step 3:

Cover with loose soil, tamp down and then recover with a layer of snow for added insulation.

Step 4:

Enjoy come Spring!

I pride myself on working smarter not harder so typically breaking up frozen soil would not be at the top of my to do list on a foggy day like today but in the end it felt rewarding knowing they will be blooming this Spring.

There is still plenty to do before my garden is ready this year; the daffodils are just one component of my extensive garden and landscaping plan. Below is an image of my garden mapping.

When mapping out your garden prepare to have your plan finalized before the last frost. This way you are not randomly placing plants into your garden. Take into consideration companion planting and be sure to not plant any bad neighbors. This years garden map took into consideration the amount of sunlight in the garden during the day as well good and bad neighbors. I also am only planting food I know I will eat as I do not want to add any addition weeding or harvesting work for myself on foods I will not eat.

garden mapping

My garden map is not quite to scale, but it helps me to visualize the whole picture. This is just one piece of the puzzle in my garden note book. I have a list of all of the seeds I plan to begin this year and the dates to start indoors or direct sow outside. Some of the plants in this map are already planted in the garden from last year and others are already waiting in pots for the ground to thaw (like the thyme below which is inside under a grow light for now happily taking off). Spring 2018 will be dancing with life! happy thyme



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