Who says winter can’t be productive for the garden?

IMG_3026.JPGHere I am, teaching myself how to use a table saw all in the name of food. Gotta love some good old fashion power tools. I would consider this a very productive day; and proud to say this lady ended it with all ten fingers. Hallelujah!

I’ve been enamored with my garden as of late. Planning is key in more ways than I can count, not only with the layout of your garden but also securing it from pests; small and large. I have some select herbs and allium planted to keep the tiny pests at bay but how about those larger free loaders like deer and bear?

Perimeters are a must in protecting the fragile produce preparing to rise above the soil. If my plants fail to thrive before they even begin then the goal of being self sufficient goes right out the window. Since I have a hot wire system for my horse pasture I plan to extend that hot wire system over to and around the garden. I also want something esthetically enhancing to my oasis. My gears began to move. Dreams of split rail fencing began to overwhelm my sleep.

A few months ago I brought to the homestead a truck load full of miscellaneous wood pieces and sheet metal, always a score to get some free materials. The materials were stacked up next to the base of the garden covered in a duvet of snow. After uncovering the wood stack I organized according to thickness and realized I only had four pieces that would work for the job at hand. I thought that was the end of the day and no progress would be made. After sulking for a few moments I found another stack of wood at the top corner of the garden. This pile was created when the mud room ceiling tongue and groove had been removed. That project occurred so that more insulation could be put into the mud room ceiling space. Boy was I happy this material didn’t get carted off the property in my fathers dump truck. The width was a little over double what I was looking for but with the table saw this turned into some light work measuring and cutting boards to size. IMG_3048

Honestly the hardest part of this project was setting the boards at the correct height and balancing them for mounting with out another set of hands. Once the first set of three horizontals went in, the rest of the boards erected rather quickly. Of course as always some mistakes were made and I will probably notice them every time I walk by but over all I think this is a great start to protecting my garden.

I need to do an additional two sides to make the garden secure but I ran out of day light and energy to install more vertical posts. Hopefully I can finish the perimeter before spring. IMG_3050


2 Comments Add yours

  1. bpangie says:

    Good luck! Deer are the worst, unless it’s hunting season…


    1. That could not be more true! Crossing my fingers =]


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