Even closer to move in ready!

IMG_3004.JPGHappy New Year! The house is really starting to take shape. The bathroom sheet rock has been installed as well as the bedroom and closet. The next step is to wait on the propane line so that the house can be consistently heated to allow for the taping and mudding process. A little hick up occurred when the contractor informed me my wood stove is much to large for my square footage. This was a huge disappointment after all the time and hard work I put into restoring it. Hopefully Craigslist will do me a solid and find a new home for the thing so I can go in search for a smaller wood stove. The other hick up was the chimney location. Now that I will be installing a smaller stove the chimney can go back into the corner where I originally wanted it, saving space in both the kitchen and the living room. Poor Mike though, this does make more work for him and Herb unfortunately. IMG_3009IMG_3011IMG_3013And one last image of the beautiful refinished wood stove because I can’t help myself. (Don’t mind the sheet rock dust all over it) Anyone in the Washington state area in need? 🤣 Wish I could have kept this baby. Hopefully the new smaller stove will just fall into my lap. IMG_3015

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  1. looking fantastic.


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