A Kitchen in the Making

truck To get an idea of how far this homestead renovation has come, check out my previous post How the dream began. There you will find the beginnings of how this dream began and how far we have come. Demolition Work is FUN! Also another great post of the success and challenges I have had starting mostly from scratch.

Craigslist does it again and pulls through for me and the homestead! Look at this truck full of a kitchen in the making. I stumbled across a perfect sized, used kitchen cabinet set that a man was removing from his cabin and looking to get rid of for fairly cheap. Like ten percent of wholesale cheap! God continues to provide.

I believe the cabinets will fit well after some slight rearranging. The kicker is they come with the counter tops so I won’t have that additional expense like I would have anywhere else. And the counter tops just happen to match my back splash tile I already purchased, perfectly! Home design is so exciting, it keeps me grinning from ear to ear. I am very much enjoying the creativity of it all and watching it slowly fall into place. Currently I am torn between refinishing the cabinets in an olive green or possibly powder blue but I believe I will need to paint the interior of the home first to get a better feel for the color pallet.

Below is a mock up of how the kitchen will appear once the cabinets are installed. Poor Mike and Herb are going to have to work around these things for a while until we get the floors installed and cabinets set. I even have enough cabinet and counter top to make a small matching work space in the mud/laundry room. I was jumping around like a kid on Christmas morning seeing all of this in place.

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