Succulent Propagation Update


The Jelly Bean succulent is growing rather nicely after about two months of being well cared for. The leaf it started from was actually just sitting in the soil of another succulent variation I had purchased. I didn’t think much would come from it but here we are with roots, a stem and four new little green leaves. If you missed the original post about propagating succulents here is the original post- Continued Last Minute Fall Gardening.

All of the succulents I have started are on cactus soil with well draining trays. I water the roots with a gentle mist about every three days. You want them to stay moist so that the roots do not dry out but you also want the soil to dry out quickly in between watering so you do not drown the succulents. I also have a low heat grow light on them 20 hours a day to simulate the growing season. A grow light is a must since it is currently winter and I do not have a south facing window to keep them in at the moment. 

The propagated leaf above is doing extremely well! But to be honest I am not sure which of my adult plants this start came from. It looks very different from all of the other plants I purchased. So it might be another free start like the jelly bean up top. In the future I will try to be better with labeling the babies and their mothers. I am excited to see these little guys doing so well after only a little over two months. Hopefully I will have plenty to plant in the rockery up at the cabin come spring. Below is one of my favorite varieties because it has light green and purple hues. This leaf is doing very well with bright purple roots reaching deep into the soil. IMG_2980


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  1. D'Arcy Burke says:

    Thanks for tips on starts!


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